Winners Announced For The HotHardware and N3V Games Super Spooky NVIDIA SHIELD Giveaway!

We've finally had a chance to review all of the entries and have picked the winners for our HotHardware and N3V Games Super Spooky NVIDIA SHIELD Giveaway! So without further delay...

ajm531 - You are the winner!

Shoot us a note with your full contact information and we'll let you know when NVIDIA's SHIELD gaming handheld ships to you, along with your $50 Google Play card! Congrats from Team HotHardware! We hope you enjoy it!

Grand Prize: NVIDIA SHIELD and $50 Google Play Gift Card 
First Runner Up: $25 Google Play Gift Card 
Second Runner Up: $25 Google Play Gift Card

Jun and sevags you're our first and second runners-up and each a winner of a $25 Google Play card!  Please contact us as well to receive your prizes!

And for the rest of you (there are no losers around here!), keep those commenting fingers limber--we'll be announcing our next giveaway very soon!

Finally a BIG THANKS to our friends at N3V Games and NVIDIA for sponsoring this contest.  Stay tuned for details of our next sweepstakes!
marco c one year ago

Congrats guys!

Super Dave one year ago

Congrats to ajm531, Jun, and sevags - good job!

ajm531 one year ago

ZOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SUPER EXCITED AND HAPPY RIGHT NOW!! Thanks a lot guys. Ive been digging the shield for a while and with the recent update its going to be quite the device.

Drake_McNasty one year ago


ajm531 one year ago

I dont think you guys realize how anxious it was to see that post in the main page. It took me a minute to finally actually click the link. Also shout out to the cool dudes at NV3 games for giving me the chance to win this device.

DustinMaxfield one year ago

Congrats ajm531!

That little kitty turned out to be a lion on the inside.  Inspiring.  :)

Sevags one year ago

Congrats Ajm and Jun!!!!!

I've never won anything before lol :)!!!!

I love HotHardware!!!!

CoreyNutter one year ago


realneil one year ago

Congrats guys! Have some fun with that bling!

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