NVIDIA SHIELD Android Gaming Portable Update Supports 1080p Game Streaming at 60 FPS

We were impressed with NVIDIA’s SHIELD portable gaming system when we reviewed it in depth, but NVIDIA announced even more features that bump the device’s prowess up even further.

The most notable update concerns GameStream, a tool that’s fresh out of beta and lets users stream games from your (GeForce GTX-equipped) PC to SHIELD; even better, in Console Mode, you can use a controller and GameStream to play on a big screen. GameStream now offers streaming at 1080p at 60fps over an Ethernet connection, which is all the more notable because the SHIELD’s display is only 720p.


Other new features include Gamepad Mapper, which optimizes Android games for the SHIELD’s analog controls and thus adds a slew of Android games that will work with the device, as well as a community profile feature (in beta) so users can share and browse for mapping profiles and a Full Screen Mode that hides the Android status bar on the display when you’re gaming.

NVIDIA SHIELD controller mapping

You can also now use the right thumb stick to “look around” in first-person games, there’s a better cursor for navigation, and you have the ability to map gyroscope movements to the physical controls.
RWilliams 11 months ago

It'd nice if NVIDIA gave recommendations for those Ethernet adapters, because I don't recall ever seeing one before that had a mini-USB port. And on that note, it's a little unfortunate that using this adapter would rule out being able to keep the device charging while it's in use. For that reason it would have been nice if NVIDIA created a dual adapter or something.

JonathanBaker 11 months ago

My dream would be for this to stream from a SteamBox. I would love to get this, but I haven't had a desktop in years and it's pretty much required to get the full functionality.

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