Apple Starts Blocking Unauthorized Lightning Cables With iOS 7

Apple’s walled-garden approach to mobile is legendary, and rarely was the company’s control over the entire iPhone/iPad, iOS, and apps ecosystem more evident than when it changed its proprietary 30-pin connector to the new Lightning interface and effectively punched an entire industry of iOS accessory makers (and customers who suddenly owned products incompatible with their new iPhones) in the neck.

Makers of iOS accessories have to go through Apple’s MFi program in order to ensure that their products are up to Apple’s rigorous standards, and in the case of Lightning connectors, ensure that Apple has given them authentication chips that go into each Lightning cable.

Apple iOS 7 blocks unauthorized Lightning cables
Credit: 9to5Mac

The certified Lightning cables, unfortunately, are kind of pricey. Some figured out how to reverse-engineer the chips and make cheap knockoffs, but now iOS 7 is blocking unauthorized cables. Previously, iOS 7 was warning users that an unauthorized cable was in use but didn’t block it--sort of a warning shot and a nudge to just buy an authorized cable already--but now the Cupertino company apparently means business.
Via:  9to5Mac
Sevags one year ago

I absolutely hate apple! Sad thing is I always thought that apples own branded 30-pin to USB cables were of VERY poor quality and materials where the silicon cable always got extremely dirty and would stop working at th neck right below the connector. I was hoping their lightening cable would be better but they stuck to the same crap matterials and my apple lightening cable stopped working after only 5 months, at least twice as fast as any of the 30-pin connectors I have ever owned. This time I bought a Belkin cable 6 months ago with no problems, yet.

They need to let others openly make connectors especially since they don't want to step up and make a quality cable or accessories.

Dave_HH one year ago

Haha! sevags, you're a passionate dude. And I generally agree with you, though I don't hate Apple. They make great stuff, just need to loosen up a bit.

sevags one year ago

hehe Dave, so I have been told! It is hard for me not to show emotions through writing and news like this just makes my blood boil especially if it directly effects me.

I do hate apple though they would need to loosen up on a lot of things from prices to usage policies for me to think otherwise. I have an ip5 though it is looking like it will be my last iphone since I hate the new ios7 and none of the features I want are being added to the new phones (NFC, .11ac, etc) while getting features that aren't usefull and a secuirty leak (fingerprint passcode). It is also looking like I will be getting a new fully loaded macbook Air 13' because it better suits my needs for work over the MS Surface Pro 2, but you better believe I will be running windows8 on it and not buying a single apple branded accessory.

ECouts one year ago

Note to self: Never play MONOPOLY with Apple.

SmogHog one year ago

Rotten to the core.

The cable is worth about 2 bucks.

Anything more than that is just a money grab.

We were an all iPhone and iPad family that bought a lot of 30pin replacement cables.

Now our 7 Apple devices are replaced with Android devices.

Two of us now waiting for the Nexus 5.Hope it supports LTE-A

One waiting for the Note 10.1 2014

NTria one year ago

Wow, I'm completely shocked that Apple would do something like this.

Said no one ever.

CElsby one year ago

Boycott Apple

ChristopherWetmore one year ago

Just as a note, there was a case in China where a lady was badly burned by a non-Apple cable. Yes, I know, quality control is not real big for Chinese knockoffs, and it's not Apple's fault, but this might be something the lawyers suggested.

I've heard anecdotal stuff about Apple's cords and earbuds not being the best for years, which surprised me. It detracts from their image, and the now-mandatory chip won't be sold cheap.

turnman one year ago

The alleged Chinese incident would not be from the cable but from a faulty power supply that was shorted and delivered 220 volts into the phone via the cable. Not surprising when you see 10 watt power supplies direct from China for $4.00 including shipping - cost for a good quality 10w USB power supply with safety approvals would be close to $3.00 in high volume.

BrianHoward one year ago

Why can't they use micro USB like everyone else?

CliffVincent one year ago

yeah apple needs to be destroyed but this is not the main reason

ShawnHarmon one year ago

Of course they blocked it. They can't gouge customers over the accessories if they are buying after-market crap.

bad2bone 11 months ago

Now user are seeing the dark side of Apple that developers already knew only too well.

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