Patriot Gauntlet Node Wi-FI Drive Enclosure Review

There are a couple of inconveniences of modern connected living that Patriot Memory is trying to address with a product called the Gauntlet Node. One is the problem of storage; the only computer or mobile device we have--and you know that we have quite a few--that isn’t constantly running out of local storage is your big desktop system. Whether it’s due to our packrat-like tendencies, our prolific shutterbugging, our library of music and movies, or the need to maintain secure backups of all of it, file storage is a nagging problem.

The Gauntlet Node is a wireless hard drive enclosure that offers a possible solution to both problems; it’s a self-contained portable media server that supports bulk storage (hard drives and SSDs) and can stream via WiFi to up to 8 devices simultaneously...

Patriot Gauntlet Node Wi-FI Drive Enclosure Review

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BSmith2 2 years ago

WiFi hard drive?

DFawcett 2 years ago


jellybean 2 years ago

Thanks for the nice review and helpful setup screens. Just got the unit a few days ago and the review is spot on, the drive is not perfect, but can be very handy and is perfectly adequate. Also like the review says, battery life did not reach 5hrs when streaming video.  Lasted about 3hrs before it stopped streaming and then flashed a low battery warning on my screen.

I installed an old/spare 200gb drive I had and formatted it once installed in the enclosure. Streaming SD worked just fine on my Tegra 2 based phones and tables, but I needed a Tegra 3 or S4 based device (Nexus 7, HTC One S) to play the 720p vids without stuttering.

Next time we have a long drive or stay at a hotel, my kids can just connect to the Gauntlet and watch all their videos from their phones and tablets. No more, "Dad, can you load this show on my tablet or load this song on my phone?" before we go on a trip. For me, this device is well worth the $99

dorkstar 2 years ago

I just recently got one of these. While the home use really hasn't impressed me, I'm excited to take it on the road.

I've considered downloading movies for my kid, so on road trips I can hook my phone up to the dvd player in the backseat and she can be entertained for hours. I took a look and found this article and saw the playtime is quite disappointing, however I think this is easily solved by plugging it into a USB charger in a 110v outlet in a car, or just keeping it charged at the office/house. I can't imagine using it much without plugging it in.The upside for me is being able to stream all the music I want, and have a few movies streaming while I'm cruising down the road. Perhaps I'll load it up with some music and give it a test drive on the way to work tomorrow.

OSunday 2 years ago

Hexus is having a give away for one these! 

Dorkstar 2 years ago

I saw that earlier too, and happened to learn how many devices can be connected at once, lol.  I own the thing and didn't know how many devices could be connected.

OSunday 2 years ago

Yeah 8 devices...
In a family of 6, that's actually not unrealistic to use since most everyone has a cell phone and there are more than 2 computers in the house as well haha 

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