Microsoft Chastised For Sexist Xbox One Ad, Significant Others NOT Impressed

It's said that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and who can blame them when it's been such a historical and ongoing struggle to gain equal rights? It took an amendment to the U.S. constitution to guarantee women the right to vote, and if you fast forward to today, a woman with a Doctoral degree is paid on average nearly $19,000 less per year than a man with the same education, according to So, you'll have to excuse women for taking exception to a Microsoft ad that plays on gender stereotypes.

The ad in question promotes Microsoft's newly released Xbox One console. Where Microsoft went wrong is by playing on the gender stereotype that females hate the whole video game culture, presenting women as an obstacle for men to overcome in order to bring home an Xbox One. Of course, Microsoft is glad to help -- "We got your back," the ad states -- with a tongue-in-cheek letter template that gaming deprived husbands and boyfriends can give to their oppressive significant others.

Xbox Letter

A version of the letter starts off by saying, "You'd rather knit than watch me slay zombies, but hear me out on this. Xbox One is actually for both of us. Seriously."

Seriously indeed. If women would just put down the knitting needle long enough to be educated on what the Xbox One offers, men would be better off, right? *Cringe* In this day and age of social media, the criticism came fast and furious via the Twittersphere. Men, women, and even game developers whose livelihood partially depends on the Xbox One voiced their displeasure in the ad campaign.

Microsoft has since apologized for the ad campaign.

"The letter is fully customizable and we meant no offense, but understand how the defaults could be perceived. We're making changes to the letter defaults and apologize for the oversight," Microsoft said in a statement.
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LoganFarr one year ago

The source the author's article takes for income earnings is twisted in a negative manner in order to provoke a response. All of these statistics are heavily generalized, and as such, it's obvious that there would be some perceived injustice apparent.

What's wrong is that there is no piece-by-piece breakdown of income per specific field of study, and, honestly, it should be obvious that a man or woman majoring in a hard science or engineering should make more than a man or woman majoring in something like English. According to, the starting salary for an English major is 40k vs. 54k as the average of all starting salaries for someone majoring in engineering.

Now account for the fact that men, on average, will be more comfortable with working longer hours and that men, traditionally, take riskier jobs that are inherently higher paying, and THEN you create the wage gap. HOWEVER, the wage gap does not originate from the evil male gender fixing its canon 'gainst the opposite gender in order to oppress them, but the fields in which men tend to study in compared to women, the risk factor of the job, and the hours typically worked.

You can't just try and play the sensationalist card in order to generate some controversy that only exists in the minds of people who equate 'Average' with 'Average, for every job.'

paul_lilly one year ago

This is veering off topic, but in essence what you're saying is, the gender wage gap can be completely explained away to the point where it doesn't really exist, at least not in a male oppressive manner?

Unfortunately, studies and data don't back the assertion that the gender wage gap is entirely innocent.

RicoFrost one year ago

people will bitch about anything and everything

NateKeen one year ago

If the ad was biased against men it'd never make the news. Double standard much?

scolaner one year ago

Your comment isn't valid, sorry. You're correct that an ad biased against men wouldn't make the news, but that's because men as a group aren't an oppressed minority. Women have historically been an oppressed group compared to men, particularly as it pertains to gender roles, so playing on those tropes is offensive to many.

We can talk about the issues pertaining to the proliferation of traditional male gender roles and the harm those can do to men on a different post.

AlexFrodoKleba one year ago


SmogHog one year ago

Not news worthy.


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