GameStop Expects ‘Largest Console Launch in History’ This Holiday Shopping Season

It's been seven long years since Sony launched its PlayStation 3 game console and eight years since Microsoft introduced the Xbox 360 to retail. To put that into perspective, some PC gamers were still using AGP graphics cards back then, like the GeForce 7600 GS and Radeon X1650 Pro. You can imagine the anticipation among console gamers leading up to the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, both scheduled to ship in November.

GameStop chief Paul Raines is expecting this to be the "largest console launch in history," according to statements he made during a post earnings financial call.


Raines stopped short of offering up predictions on the number of next generation consoles he expects GameStop to sell, nor did he say which one he expects to be the more popular out of the two. GameStop president Tony Bartel was just as evasive, though he did say that the PS4's "first to know" list currently has 1.5 million members versus the Xbox One list, which sits at 700,000 members.

Leading up to what will be an epic launch, GameStop's 4,400 store managers in the U.S. are all receiving hands-on training with both platforms. Or in other words, they're getting paid to play with the PS4 and Xbox One. Rough life, isn't it?
Via:  GameSpot
CurtisCorse one year ago

GameStop can suck my hairy balls. Most worthless bunch of pubescent morons since boy bands.

RJeffries one year ago


CliffVincent one year ago

lol consoles are literally just crappy toys any average computer will be stronger than any of them

realneil one year ago

CurtisCorse said it already. Why buy from idiots and crooks?

ECouts one year ago

Haha! They're in for a big surprise!

JamesBohling one year ago

Buy a desktop gaming pc, at least enthusiast level.

Tyotukovei one year ago

Desktop PC for the past few years and haven't looked back except for exclusives... that any of my console friends will gladly let me play. I preferred EB Games and they sucked pretty bad. Locally owned and operated game stores are okay for trades and finding old games and consoles, but they quickly run into the "ebay has the same thing and they'll ship it to me" competition. The two new consoles, as anybody on this forum knows, are just underpowered last gen PC's with almost identical specs. Whatever... It's not my money being wasted.

asadalikhatri one month ago

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