Blue Light of Death (BLOD) Bricks Sony PlayStation 4 Consoles

Sony's PlayStation 4 console has undoubtedly roared off to a great start, shipping over 1 million units in North America in just 24 hours but amongst those fast and furious hot new PS4 shipments apparently are a fair percentage of duds. Microsoft fell victim to a thermal issue early on with Xbox 360 units when they first shipped, with end user experiencing the dreaded RRoD or Red Ring of Death. Apparently now Sony and new PS4 owners are feeling the burn but in the form of a blue hued source known as the "BLOD" or Blue Light Of Death.

PlayStation 4 Blue Light of Death
Instead of pulsing blue and then turning white, a troubled PS4's blue light will remain on pulsing.

BLOD sounds even more menacing, doesn't it?  Apparently the results are similar and there are a fair number of console casualties out in the wild as well.

From user reports on an Amazon product rating page, it looks like Sony is quoting 2 - 3 weeks to have units repaired and re-shipped out to user. And with over 500+ 1-star negative user ratings of the product and climbing, it's apparent some users are very unhappy.

What's worse, rather than making a gesture in good faith to consumers, Sony reps are also apparently taking the opportunity to up-sell users on a 2 year extended warranty. For $39, in reality, it's probably cheap insurance and peace of mind.  But Sony ought to know better and offer it for free in exchange for the inconvenience of a defective product, or at the very least offer a steep discount.

Here's a look at a BLOD in action on a brand new PS4...

Youtube user Josh Moore demonstrates trying to boot a new PS4 console into safe mode to no avail.

Our word of advice would be to keep those consoles well ventilated and away from other hot components.  There's no indication that this is particularly a thermal issue but aside from just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best every time you game on Sony's new machine, that's about all you can do to avoid a bricked PS4.  Ultimately, if you got a dud, you'll find out one way or another.  Let's just hope the scope of the problem doesn't widen any further and Sony steps up its recovery plan to take care of some very unhappy early PlayStation 4 gamers.

DanielHansen one year ago

I want to start out by saying that I own a 360 and I'll be buying an X-Box One because I think it's a better system overall.

With that disclaimer done, I have to say that this isn't a big issue. They've sold a million so far I believe, and out of that even if it was 5,000 defective units, that's 0.5% defect rate. Maybe that's horrible for the industry but it still means that you're very unlikely to get a dud and of course they'll replace these units. This is really being overblown.

That being said as an X-Box fan it's fun to see these videos :)

Dave_HH one year ago

I'm not so sure it's overblown. Remember, these units were shipped to end users within just the last 24 - 48 hours likely. How long does it take to develop a BLOD failure? A day? A week? A month? Three months?

I don't think we know the scope and size of the issue just yet. Hopefully it won't but it could get ugly for all we know.

basroil3 one year ago

Dave_HH hit it on the head here, even with the XBox the failure rates at launch were minimal, it's only after longer use that the defective thermal solution finally broke down. In the case of HDMI ports, poor design will be a larger issue for people that move their consoles, but considering the PSU is directly next to it and air blows through there the vibrations could also ruin someone's day.

AustinCurran one year ago

is this the same as the hardware failures? Or a new problem

MichaelKolb one year ago

As someone who had a console give me an e86 error and then RRODing on me I can sympathize with gamers that have to wait for a replacement. Having Sony tell them they need to buy a $40 extended 2 yr. warranty and you add on Sony's Camera for $60, gee you're at the 500 dollar price mark! By the way Microsoft replaced my RROD console (which I got in '06) and it lasted all the way up till I traded it in for the 360S (in '12).

scolaner one year ago

Big black eye for Sony here. Maybe two black eyes...and a BLODy nose, too.

JonathanIttner one year ago

Well since it's much smaller than the xbone, and also has the PSU inside...that's a lot of heat.

DavidVailes one year ago

Surely these companies should stress test for thermal issues before launch!

RicoFrost one year ago

I do feel for the customers, its rather annoying when you wait for a product only for it to die as soon as you get it home.

MikeWarfield one year ago

You can stress test anything but many problems don't show up till production.

AnonoMouser one year ago

Yeah, that's not a heat problem. And the number of 1-star reviews is suspicious, even if there really is a DOA issue. It looks like a successful rollout to me; now all Sony needs is a few blockbuster game titles and PS4 will crush XBone.

JonMisterdad one year ago

hard to stress test 1.4million consoles! I recommend that you ventilate the ps4

nicoletoledo one year ago

I read in an article that some interns at foxconn sabotage it saying at least the only thjng it can do was it can be turned on thats it. If that was true that might explain whats happening here. I really like the ps console. But console lately are getting boring because most of the titles are fps. Where are my rpgs?!!!!

ECouts one year ago

I think I'm going to stick with my favorite game system -- the PC. It has a mouse, keyboard, controller, DVD, Blu-ray, CD, customizable OS, upgradable HDD, upgradable CPU, etc.

Why anyone would want a console is beyond me. PCs can weigh much less and are just as transportable and possibly even smaller than consoles. As a matter of fact, I'm typing this on a PC right now!

Won't get me suckered into a PS4 or X-Box One.

digitaldd one year ago

Come on BLOD thats the most creative thing anyone could come up with? No Blue Light Special?

ohh well i guess that's why they call it the blues..

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