AMD Claims Upcoming R9 290X Will Trounce GTX 780 In 4K Gaming, Offers Benchmarks

AMD is holding an event / demo in Montreal today, offering to let anyone who likes come in, check out 4K gaming on their upcoming graphics card, and promising that the GPU will deliver performance over and above anything Nvidia's GTX 780 can offer. 4K gaming has increasingly become popular -- or at least, discussed, as monitors begin to debut at that resolution and modifications to the Blu-ray standard are floated. AMD has run two tests, which it claims demonstrates this performance -- BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider.

There are two caveats I want to mention, one for each game. For the BioShock Infinite results, AMD doesn't specify if they're running the game with or without its alternate depth of field option. This setting has a significant impact on AMD GPU performance -- a Radeon 7990 running at 1920x1080 benchmarks at 116 FPS in DX11 Ultra mode, and 106 FPS in DX11 w/ Alternate DoF. That 10% gap, if applicable here, would significantly reduce the results between the two cards.

In Tomb Raider, AMD ran the test using TressFX. Again, that's a perfectly valid way to test the game -- it's not a hack, a cheat, or a flaw -- but TressFX performs rather better on AMD cards than their NV counterparts. The difference is unlikely to account for the entire performance delta between the two solutions, but it's worth being aware of.

In either case, the larger point is that 4K gaming is slowly coming into range, even if only at the very top of the market. In a few more years, we may see more reasonable price points -- and and of course, even higher-performing solutions debuting at the top of the range. Look for the R9 290X to debut in the near future, with full coverage and benchmarks of it, right here. 

Via:  AMD
Dave_HH one year ago

Hey now, the gloves are off!

GarrySmith one year ago

Considering how ludicrously expensive 4k gaming is for the time being, it seems a moot point to show that none of this applies to the average gamer, much less the average consumer. This is all enthusiast/overclocker statistics playing.

semitope one year ago

Both cards are over the top expensive and AMD is comparing them at 4K which is also out of reach of most gamers. Who are they even talking to? Right now they are only relevant to a small subset of consumers with their re-brands and ever increasing prices for new products.

Dave_HH one year ago

Can't disagree with that but it's about flexing muscle on who has the strongest GPU arch, which then trickles down to the mainstream boards eventually. Also, if AMD can price this board $100 or so less than a 780, it could be much more within reach for some gamers. Word is AMD's die is smaller so there's potential. Die size is cost, plain and simple.

RicoFrost one year ago

Well I'm glad I held off upgrading my video card. I was going to buy the 780 but now I will wait and see.

jun one year ago

Isn't the 290 going to be more expensive than the GTX 780? So it better be better. Thats pretty smooth for 4K resolution. I can't even get that with 1080p right now on my card.

ricofrost one year ago

I believe it will be cheaper then the 780.

SuryaDe one year ago

Just in time for my christmas shopping!

realneil one year ago

GTX-780Ti has just been announced. Things are heating up it seems,................

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