i945G And Vista SP1 Don't Play Well Together

The ongoing saga of Vista SP1 continues, and today we're hearing about problems with Vista SP1 and i945G Express chipsets causing behavior ranging from disapearing cursors to unmounting hard drives.

“The service pack also won't work with computers that use certain, widely-deployed audio drivers from Realtek and certain drivers for security devices manufactured by Symantec. Microsoft has published a full list of drivers that are incompatible with the service pack.”

This issue could cause trouble for an untold number of users because the 945-family of chipsets and Realkek audio chips are extremely common, especially in lower-end machines.  The Redmond giant is urging users to make sure that their drivers are up to date before performing an upgrade as a possible remedy.
Via:  EE Times
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coolzonestefan 6 years ago

First,Vista had problems with the audio interface,then this,after a FRESH general update.My question is:When will Vista stop having problems with the computer hardware? 

Anonymous 6 years ago

This is mainly for people who dont update their drivers. Same with service packs, if anyone remembers before the days of automatic updates people always had buggy and unsecure computers because they never updated windows.  But intel is as much to blame here as Microsoft, they should of had this driver out a long time ago.

Bodego Jackson 6 years ago
can this kind of problems affect Vista sales or it means that people have to wait a little more to get a Service Pack 1 with no more issues?
vistafool 6 years ago

 I have to disagree there, before automatic updates, people used to have perfectly stable machines...


Most of them were not online, so security was less of a concern.


Nowdays many people are not only online, but online 24/7, and even with service packs and updates still experience problems of the same magnitude.


Viruses still spread, though not so fast as on a totally unprotected network, at about the same rate... By the time Antivirus software is updated it is common for thousands of machines to have been infected.


Given that there are millions more online now than in the 1980's, on a percentage basis there are now more online who should not be.. for reasons such as: Inability to operate a computer responsibly or those who have a  disbelief in the severity of leaving computers online without protection.  (we won't even count the criminals to get these numbers, as most of them do not show up in Computer Shops)


That said, I work in a computer repair shop in the SW quarter of the USA.  I have seen and spoken with these people, many of which are repeat offenders.


"Oh I removed the antivirus software because my neighbor told me it would slow down my computer, " "But the Email said I needed to 'click here'," "Windows told me I had a virus and needed to download a new program to stop it..."


These people come back repeatedly, some in only days, to have their machines recleaned and the antivirus antispyware packages reinstalled... and yet they keep removing them for some reason...


I can understand the 80 year old grandmother who is just ignorant, or who has trouble remembering she isn't supposed to open attachments from anyone other than her children or grandchildren...  but not the mother or father in their mid 30's... their only excuse is idiocy...


On to Sentence 2:

    "But intel is as much to blame here as Microsoft, they should of had this driver out a long time ago."


   Are they?  How much lead time were they given, including a list of things that SP! would change, before SP1 came out?


    Look at the release dates for the 945G express driver updates... they are as frequent or more so than AMD and Nvidia.

Intel Never said they were meant to compete with high end game cards, but they try to incorporate all of the new functions as soon as possible.


   Their target user works with spreadsheets, video editting, browsing, email, web design, and many other things that do not require 100 Watt and above GPU power consumption... 


   Personally the only 945G express chipset machine I have was a built for Vista, Toshiba Laptop...  In less than 45 days I removed Vista, and it's restore partition, and installed XP Media Center Edition...  I run too many applications that have no Vista capable counterparts at this time (Electroincs design and simulation)


   After 3 hours of googling for each HID\VID_############# entry to locate the correct XP drivers, I was able to find everything except the (function)+F6/F7 LCD brightness control.  I can live with this... By the time the backlight dies I will already have another laptop.


    Blaming a hardware vendor for a lack of compatability with a virtually unknown number of software changes is not kosher... Their software was fine before VISTA SP! broke it.

No magic of updates will change it's lack of 3D power... but SP1 can break it's existing state of functionality.


If I were a conspiracy theorist, I would say Microsoft broke it on purpose as revenge for pushing a non-gaming chipset, afterall, Microsoft is in the business of making games that do not run so well on intel graphics.. maybe it's a prod at Intel to make more up-to-date 3d hardware?


Just think about it,


Anonymous 6 years ago

Well my experience has been much different. Most of the machines I have seen have some type of compatability or unstableness because people didnt update their windows. I suppose you never worked on a network that got exposed to some exploit that had been fixed and patched a year earlier but because their software wasnt up to date along with a lot of other networks. You read headlines in the news like "hackers use windows vunerability to XXX on networks around the world". "Microsoft says only unpatched machines are vunerable."

The new driver model from Microsoft has been Out a LONG time now but intel rehashed their xp driver for vista because it still worked... that is until sp1. I highly doubt Microsoft is pushing intel in any way toward games at least not in any kind of strong ARM way.. I am sure they would like every computer to be able to run games sure, but as you and I know the majority of people never use their computer for gaming and Microsoft knows this.  I wasnt blaming any company. This is technology and it comes with the territory. It will be fixed and forgoten.

I stated what I said because of course People are gona blame Microsoft regardless if its their fault or not. It's a trend that grows everyday Just because its popular to do but true professionals adapt and move on and do their best to provide feedback to make things better instead of stomping their feet and throwing their I hate microsoft lolipop in the dirt like a 2 year old having a tantrum because vista is different and new.  Vista isnt perfect and never will be and I have had my share of complaints but they will get ironed out just like the previous generations before it. Then everything will repeat on the next windows release.

AjayD 6 years ago

[quote user="FlyinBrian"]true professionals adapt and move on and do their best to provide feedback to make things better instead of stomping their feet and throwing their I hate microsoft lolipop in the dirt like a 2 year old having a tantrum[/quote]

That is a good point Brian and a great way of putting. I myself am guilty of criticizing Microsoft on occasion without offering anything constructive they might do to address my criticisms. I think a lot of people have this mentality partly due to the scale and success of Microsoft. They expect that a company with this much success and money should be able to release products that are free of any problems. Given the ever changing landscape of the internet and computer hardware I think this is an unreasonable expectation. Sometimes however, it still feels like Microsoft isn't putting forth the effort required of them.

vistafool 6 years ago

 instead of arguing with nothing to backup my claims...

I offer the following as proof Intel had the vista driver model already...


Scroll down to:   Windows Aero The DWM also makes the new Windows Aero user experience possible.

Of course for the sake of context, the whole page is good educational reading...


Microsoft seems to think Aero requires their new driver model to work.


As far as who was at fault for the problem, Microsoft seems to have broken a normally running driver of Intel's with a change they made.


But if people had downloaded their (Intel's) NEWEST driver, there would be no trouble, other than general weak performance..

Who is reponsible for telling the user when new drivers are available?  How about the user should check once a week?

What is 1-10 minutes of time a week?


Your post has pushed me to learn a bit more than I wanted to about Vista...



Bodego Jackson 6 years ago
Maybe some people will prefer to stay on XP for more time before they go to Vista.
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