Tiny Ouya Console Has Big Media Center Aspirations, Partners with XBMC, TuneIn

Ouya's developers started off with a relatively simple concept: build an inexpensive Android console for the living room funded by $950,000 in pledges on Kickstarter. Well, here are with less than 40 hours to go before Ouya's Kickstarter campaign comes to a close, and the project has generated more than $7 million from over 53,000 backers. Will it be worth it?

That's the $7 million question that has yet to be answered, and in the meantime, Ouya's team keeps upping the ante. The latest development is that Ouya will be more than a low priced console, it will also be a full fledged media center courtesy of a partnership with XBMC.

Small Ouya Console

"That’s right. The award-winning, open source media player and entertainment hub is coming to Ouya. We’ve heard many of you buzzing about a potential Ouya-XBMC partnership since Day One of launch (something of a match made in open source heaven!). Now, with a few hours left in our drive, we’re delivering," Ouya announced in a Kickstarter update.

Nearly a third of XBMC's team members are Ouya backers, so they're invested in this project in more ways than one. It's not just XBMC that sees potential, either. Ouya also managed to partner up with TuneIn, a free service that lets users listen to music, sports radio, and news from over 70,000 stations and 2 million on-demand programs. This is all in addition to existing partnership with the likes of iHeartRadio and VEVO.

Things appear to be shaping up, and speaking of shape, new images of the Ouya console reveal a much smaller design than previously hinted. So small, in fact, that it looks like you fit it in the palm of your hand.
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insidesin 2 years ago

I'm looking forward to receive mine. I only decided to order one for the sake of having it, so I'm keeping low expectations. Should be interesting however.

rapid1 2 years ago

Me to seeing something small in every way but cool come together is exceptionally nice.

AKnudson 2 years ago

Anytime the hardware community comes together and more than 7x the asking price for a technology backing it shows exactly how eager people are for that certain product.

If the first model is functional and reliable with a hint of innovation and inexpensive, the Ouya company would have just created a wonderful lunch platform for a much more unique and powerful device for its 2nd Generation. 57000 people are betting on Ouya.

Erakith 2 years ago

I'm one of Ouya's backers - I didn't pledge enough to actually get the console, and to be honest I may not even buy one simply because I'm not a console gamer and already use an HTPC. Maybe if my little one is old enough to use it "properly" I may pick one up at a later date.

However, the small footprint and wealth of features make it very desirable. With the right marketing (although you could argue that the Kickstarter campaign is excellent marketing in itself) I can see Ouya doing exceptionally well.. and good luck to them! The console space needs a new player.

STausend 2 years ago

I love the idea. This could potentially send a very strong message to the big 3. Make the entry for hobbyists to professional developers a lot less difficult!

Cheers | Skyrant | www.my-ouya.net

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