Free Online Version of Photoshop Launches

Thursday Adobe launched Photoshop Express, an free, online version of its popular Photoshop picture and graphics-editing software. In doing so, Adobe joins the crowd of vendors offering online versions of productivity software. Typical of such offerings, Photoshop Express (PE) arrives in beta form.

San Jose, Calif.-based Adobe Systems Inc. says it hopes to boost its name recognition among a new generation of consumers who edit, store and share photos online.

While Photoshop is designed for trained professionals, Adobe says Photoshop Express, which it launched in a "beta" test version, is easier to learn. User comments will be taken into account for future upgrades.

Photoshop Express will be completely Web-based so consumers can use it with any type of computer, operating system and browser. And, once they register, users can get to their accounts from different computers.

Photoshop Express already integrates with Picasa, Facebook, and Photobucket.  For now, the beta is U.S.-based.  Users can try to login from other countries, but all the servers are in the U.S. so Adobe indicates you'll likely see performance issues.
Via:  Yahoo! News
frg1 6 years ago

 cant wait tell it gets out of beta  then i will try it

ice91785 6 years ago

It's more than a good idea -- what with everyone in this "I want to get into digital photography" age. Adobe then has a chance to get people to use the software, making it known household-wide and really get a taste of SOME of what photoshop can do; granted Adobe offers trial version(s), but to me I would be more likely to use a software if I knew I wasn't going to get spammed about buying it only a week after downloading it......

coolzonestefan 6 years ago

Considering how expensive this software is,it is a very good oportunity to try it! 

digitaldd 6 years ago

It would be nice if Adobe actually read their own EULA

I mean some of the language in it makes you think they own all your photos and can do whatever they want with them without your permission.. 

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