Apple Tosses Rotten Boy Genius Ads in the Trash

Remember those awful Genius ads Apple began airing during the Olympics? Reactions to the ads were overwhelmingly negative and were somewhat surprising for a multi-billion dollar company known for more creative ad spots that typically focused on the product. These new ads did not, and instead cast Apple users in an idiotic light. Or at least they used to. The new ads are no longer airing, and officially, that was the plan all along.

TBWA/Media/Arts Lab, the ad agency in charge of the commercials, claim they were never intended to run past the Olympics in London.

Apple Ad

"The ads were intended only for a 'first run' during the Olympcs, which meant just the first weekend of the Games," one of the ad agency's representative said.

That seems like an bogus excuse, though far be it for an ad agency to admit its creative team dropped the ball, even when it's obvious they did. These ads introduced a new character somewhat reminiscent of the Dell dude from several years back, and it seems beyond odd that Apple would approve a such a short-lived campaign consisting of three spots to be aired only during the first weekend of the Olympics.
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RTietjens 2 years ago

"These new ads ... cast Apple users in an idiotic light."

Sometimes the truth hurts. Apple's attitude has *always* been that Apple customers are idiots. Well, at least since the advent of the iPhone.

lipe123 2 years ago

Can't fault apple for their strategy though: Almost everyone I know thats not specifically in the IT industry (and even some who are!) are complete tech-idiots.

If it was not for Apple none of these people would ever have been able to use a smartphone or a computer.

Thanks to apple there is an option for the technically challenged folk out there and they make a lot of money considering the enormous target market.

insidesin 2 years ago

It is quite annoying however when Mac users with no real computer experience besides taking videos and editting them in iMovie try to chip in tech talks like they're the know-it-alls because their computer is "superior" to everyone else's .

rapid1 2 years ago

I won't call names here but in general someone who will pay twice the price for less becuase the box looks prettier is generally not in the genius pool even if they personally think they are!

shadizzle 2 years ago


+1 I fully agree to that statement.

rapid1 2 years ago

And as far as strategies go the strategy of making all your customers think there among the genius's for choosing lesser hardware because of nothing more than the name on the package is very smart. Then they choose you no matter what the truth is. Compliments in generally whether real, fake, or made up generally get ya further than the truth or insults does at least in a lot of cases. Personally I have just never been able to do it but Apple is a master at it and there sheep show it.

eunoia 2 years ago


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