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Google claims Android 4.1, aka Jelly Bean, is the fastest and smoothest version of Android yet. When we took a look at the first Jelly Bean-equipped tablet a couple of weeks back, the Nexus 7, we felt Jelly Bean had a lot to offer users, both in terms of performance enhancements as well as new functionality. Here, we'll take a closer look at some of the new and improved features that come with Jelly Bean.

Jelly Bean is Inherently Faster -

One of the goals Google had while creating Android 4.1 was to improve upon the user experience by making the mobile OS feel fast and smooth. In this regard, Jelly Bean is most certainly faster than its older brother, Ice Cream Sandwich. In real-world usage, we felt the Nexus 7 was smooth and very responsive, just as we'd expect from Jelly Bean. Google has a cool video that compares the speed of Jelly Bean with Ice Cream Sandwich if you'd like to see the differences for yourself. Check it out below.

Behind the scenes, Jelly Bean is designed to instantly boost the frequency of your device's CPU the moment the screen is touched, to enable a faster response. Recognizing that you don't need the CPU boost all of the time, the OS will turn the CPU clock down when it's not needed to save battery life, as is the case with other versions of Android as well.

Jelly Bean Notifications With Actions -

Google also improved the notification shade in Jelly Bean by adding actions and expansion options to the notifications. When you pull down the notification bar for example, you'll notice the first notification is expanded. This is helpful if you want to see the first few sentences of an email, for example. You can expand and condense other notifications as well.

You'll also notice that different notifications have different actionable items. For example, depending on the notification, you can set a reminder, email guests related to a calendar event, call someone back if you missed their call, and much more.

The new notifications bar is also customizable to the extent that you can pinch to zoom or use two-finger swipe on individual notifications to see more or less information. As with Ice Cream Sandwich, you can dismiss notifications one by one by swiping them off the screen as well.

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rapid1 2 years ago

I am waiting for a solid Jellybean ROM for my Sensation I am currently on and ICS rom and will probably get one from the same providers Revolution as this is the third one from them that is solid all the way around. Do not get me wrong I have used many but the Revolution teams are always super solid top to bottom so there my backup and main used ROM completely.

diggity0 2 years ago

My "old" Nexus S got JB a couple of weeks ago. It's made my phone more usable and I really like it now. When I first got it I had the choice of the Nexus S for free or pay $150 for the iphone. For a while I was sort of regretting my choice, the phone was buggy, the battery would barely last a day and the phone reception was worse then my plain ol' cellphone I was replacing. After a few updates the phone went from POS status to OK. With the ICS update I enjoyed some of the new features, but it was a bit buggy. Now with JB it's finally the phone I was hoping it would be. Even with the dated hardware the phone is quick, responsive and the best part is the battery is lasting longer then it ever has before. :-)

karanm 2 years ago

I really wasn't planning on switching to jelly bean from ICS but i think i will now. Been itching to do something to phone since i got it.

DJIanS 2 years ago

I really can't wait until this hits the Samsung Galaxy S3. 

I still kinda wish I went with the Google Nexus though. :C 

RSauernheimer 2 years ago

i have been running jelly bean on my galaxy nexus for about a month now and it really is super smooth.

mernerion 2 years ago

not sure if android just likes the code names honeycomb, ice cream sandwhich, and jellybean or if its just a way of trying to appeal to the candy side in all of us

LKnudson 2 years ago

Just trying to make us Happier about wanting to buy their stuff :D

AKnudson 2 years ago

more of a play off of our addiction to candy, can't live without jelly bean lifestyle. Mine anyway.

:D i need Jelly beans and i need my Os.

NNvn 2 years ago

Nice ... gonna install the Jelly ROM in my Arc S

TR1PW1R3 2 years ago

Jelly Bean 4.1.2 is great including the Google Now software. The 4.2 has a few added features but there are some compatibility issues with certain things like bluetooth and a few others. Can't wait to get Jellybean for my Droid RAZR.

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