NVIDIA Goes for AMD's Jugular, Announces Aggressive Price Cuts for GeForce GTX 780 and 770

It's not too often that we advocate playing the waiting game -- something newer, bigger, faster, shinier, etc. is always around the corner -- but if you're contemplating a graphics card upgrade, this is one of the rare times where it makes sense to wait just a little bit. Why is that? On November 7th, NVIDIA will release its GeForce GTX 780 Ti to retail, and in preparation for the new card, the GPU maker is rolling out some big time price cuts for its existing GTX 780 and 770 parts ahead of time.

With the GeForce GTX 780 Ti joining the lineup, NVIDIA says the new suggested e-tail price for the non-Ti model will be $499. The GeForce GTX 780 sells today for around $650 and up, and by dropping the price all the way down to $499, it will be $50 cheaper than AMD's recently announced Radeon R9 290X.

GeForce GTX 780

If that's too rich for your blood, NVIDIA also set a new suggested e-tail price of $329 for the the GeForce GTX 770. The cheapest we've seen it selling for currently is around $385.

Officially, these price cuts are to make room for new cards in NVIDIA's lineup, and specifically the GeForce GTX 780 Ti. Unofficially, however, we have no doubt this is NVIDIA's way of stealing thunder from AMD's new R7 and R9 Series launch, and appealing to gamers' wallets is a great way to do that.

We're told the prices will go into effect tomorrow morning, October 29th.
LucioGarcia one year ago

damn it why no price cuts on the 760

lipe123 one year ago

They can't possibly sell the 760 for $450 when the 770 is going to be $329!

marco c one year ago

Where on earth is the 760 $450?

HernanLapine one year ago

Argentina :\ Zotac Geforce GTX 760 2Gb GDDR5(u$s460) Zotac Geforce GTX 780 AMP! Edition 3Gb GDDR5(u$s1165) :\

jun one year ago

ooooohh!!! So tempting! Seriously! That 770 has an awesome price! But, I must stick to my original plan and build a PC when the GTX 860 ti comes out. Or 870 if thats $329. Which I hope it will be.

HanyangXu one year ago

I'll stick to waiting for these to drop below 300 before I snap one up.

RicoFrost one year ago

I'm so glad I waited :) I'm getting a MSI 780 as soon as the price drops.

ajm531 one year ago

huh still that much money hurts. But im sure i could get a great deal on anything higher than my GTX 8800+

ColezSky one year ago

Oh wow $50 okay.

infinityzen1 one year ago

What, no price drop on the Titan? nVidia was doing some serious price gouging. And the 290X performs much closer to the Titan then the 780 (beating the Titan in alot of test) so that part had to be priced cheaper.

Unless the 780 ti performs at or above Titan level, the most they can ask for it is ~$600 if they want it to be price competative.

JonnathonClayton one year ago

The R9 290x usually falls right below the 780 not the titian for the avarage gamer, as the majoraty of people run 1080p, The 290x only shines at 1440p or higher

this is good news, thinking about getting a 770 now instead of a 760

infinityzen1 one year ago

What reviews have you been reading? Depending on the game at 1080, the 290x is never worse then a tie with the 780 and often meets or beats the Titan.

Additionally, if you are spending that much money on a card only planning to run it at 1080 then you are wasting money. You can go a couple of steps down, spend half the money, and run games with all the bells and whistles.

Roth one year ago

Amazon had the GTX 780 for $359.99 a couple days ago before it completely sold out. It seemed to be a price mistake. Other stores like NewEgg still had it at around $519.99.

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