Dissecting PlayStation 4 Price Rumors

It's been seven long years since Sony launched its PlayStation 3 console, so it's a bit of an understatement to say that a refresh is needed. That's not to say that Sony hasn't done a good job extending the lifespan of the PS3 with slimmer models, firmware updates, and add-ons like the Move controller, but could you imagine playing a high-end PC game on a graphics card and CPU that's seven years old?

Don't despair, console gamers, it's believed Sony will release a PlayStation 4 (PS4) by the end of the year. Most of the details are unknown at this time, and we really hope Sony doesn't ditch the traditional controller in favor of a touchscreen-based input device akin to the Wii U, as had been rumored, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Dual Shock controller

We'll also have to wait and see how Sony prices the PS4. Japanese newspaper Asahi backed speculation that the PS4 is headed for a 2013 release, saying that it will cost more than 40,000 yen, according to Gematsu.com, which compiled some figures to put that price point into perspective. What did they find?

Well, the least expensive PS3 model, the 20GB SKU, launched at $500 in North America and 49,980 yen in Japan, which converts to $535. If you convert 40,000 yen to USD, you come up with $428. Assuming that the PS4 will again launch a little cheaper in the U.S., you're probably looking at a price tag of at least $400.
Via:  Gematsu
Sevags one year ago

Over priced!!!!!! The PS3 might ha been uber expensive but it came with an uber expensive (and to peopl like be useless) Bluray drive... This time around BD drives cost much much less so there is less value in a $400 ps4.

acarzt one year ago

If they use a touch screen that will be the second console to move towards a touch interface... while tablets which already have a touch interface are moving towards controllers with buttons and joysticks... Clearly they have already realized a touch interface is not ideal.

I find it annoying to play games with on screen controls... i constantly move my finger off the designated area for controler and end up making mistakes.

Monkeysweat one year ago

over priced?? when it came out last generation, it was at times CHEAPER than buying a standalone bluray player -- plus being a console with an internet connection, it could receive updates for playback, unlike most standalones back then, I know people that paid 7-800 dollars only to have them basically useless a year later because there was some new spec that stopped new disks from playing,, the PS3 was great value, was priced comparitively to the 360

I'm not even someone that bought a PS3, but I have no issue defending it there,, I think it's biggest weakness was the internals and how to write games for it,, much easier to write games for other consoles.

Sevags one year ago

MonkeySweat; you're completely wrong... The PS3 was WAY OVER PRICED! He market determined it was over priced, their stock reflected it, their sales reflected it, and people jumping to Xbox and wii reflected it. I don't care if it was cheaper than an Xbox AND a BD player but it was a console and very VERY few people wanted or cared at the time that it came with a BD player and most people to today who own a PS3 have played very few if any BD movies. For the majority wanting just a console it was way over priced to have to also pay for a BD player you would never use. Also the fact that they discontinued the 8gb model for a cheaper 6gb one, removed legacy game support with the emotion chip? removed USB ports and memory card readers, etc etc just to bring th cost down further proves that it was expensive and over priced to begin with. Playstation has done nothing but remove features since the launch hardware where as Xbox at least finally added internal wifi without a price hike.

Regardless though it still means the upcoming ps4 also sounds over priced without the BD player markup that th Ps3 experienced.

acarzt one year ago

[quote user="sevags"]

 very VERY few people wanted or cared at the time that it came with a BD player and most people to today who own a PS3 have played very few if any BD movies.


For along time the PS3 was regarded as THE BEST Blu ray player you could buy even by many videophiles and AV magazines, websites, etc. EVEN when you dont consider the gaming aspect of the equation. Some STILL consider it the best. And it is the ONLY blu ray play I use and I use it frequently.

The PS3 hasn't JUST removed features. It has added some software features as well. It was the First to support 1080P Netflix streaming and it's still the only one that streams netflix in HD for free (The Wii is not HD, the Xbox you have to have a Gold Live subscription) You can still play online for free as well. You have to pay to play online with Xbox. It's free on the PC as well btw.

Also, the Xbox 360 had a 1 year head start on the PS3 and the HD-DVD vs Blu Ray war was not over yet. Add to that the PS3 has weak launch titles, AND sony failed to meet production goals. DESPITE all that, the PS3 still sold out and was very hard to find for quite a while. Clearly many people did not think it was "over priced" It was EXPENSIVE, for a console... not overpriced. It cost about $100 more than you average Blu Ray player at the time... so really you can look at it as you bought a blu ray player and got a console for $100... When it supported "Other OS" it was even MORE of a steal because you got this incredibly powerful computer for only $600... $600 in the PC world get's you crap.

And while I may be coming off as a Sony Fanboy... I am not... I own a PS3 and Xbox 360 and I play games almost exclusively on my PC! When I do game on a console it is usually on the Xbox unless the game is only availble on the PS3.

sevags one year ago

A crazy; ou didn't prove anything except that the PS3 was the right price for you because you also wants a bd player. Over piece for the 98%+ of people who would have opted for a ps3 with no bd drive if it were an options. 

acarzt one year ago

The PS3 launched in 2 different versions one at a $500 price point and the other at a $600 price point. The PS3 cost over $800 to produce yet Sony sold it at a loss.

The MORE EXPENSIVE version of the PS3 accounted for 90% of sales while they were both available. Sony discontinued the cheaper $500 version due to poor sales...

If everyone thought the PS3 was "Overpriced" then why did they shell out an extra $100 when there was a cheaper version available?

The PS3 was soldout everywhere for quite a while. Some people were paying up to $2,000 on ebay to get their hands on one.

Clearly you are the minority in thinking the PS3 was "Overpriced" because the majority of people purchasing a PS3 paid the extra money for the top of the line PS3.

pandre27 one year ago

I completely agree with MonkeySweat. I'm a big supporter of blu and all the a/v glory it has to offer.. I still cringe at watching "HD" streams as they are far from the experience blu ray offers.. With that said monkey paints a clear picture of the exact dilemma I went through seven or so years ago. It was either buy a ~$500 BD standalone or get all the glory of a console (cpu muscle and firmware support) with arguably the best BD experience still to this date at roughly the same price. I grabbed a ps3 and copy of 300 and smiled ear to ear.. "This is..." You get it. To this day i'm gaming 99.9% on my Xbox for various reasons for me, but I wouldn't have bought an obsolete stand alone bd drive if I had to do it all over again.. Just wondering when Cupertino, if ever, will get on board with the blu pill.

sevags one year ago

Pandre27, Bluray will be mostly dead in a few years. I get that streaming HD even in the best cases are often lower quality than what is found on a BD disc but when you compare the prices I would MUCH rather to th streaming route each and every time! Especially since renting physical media is no longer an option for me and many other people  . MS helped kill off HD-DVD which was a better standard for many reasons over BD because they wanted everything to go the way of streaming and we are practically there!!! BD's never became the killer hardware Sony tried to make it out to be, most of my friends have 55" Samsung 3D LEDs and none of them own a bad player or a single movie. I've watched 8 BD discs only and I'm a HUGE movie buff and owned over 800 DVDs before I sold them 18 months ago. And again many people JUST wanted a gaming console and not a Bd player as well like you did you were a rare case and you are still a rare case. Sorry but again no one has proved me wrong that the PS3 was way over priced .

3vi1 one year ago

>> the least expensive PS3 model, the 20GB SKU, launched at $500 in North America

Back when it supported OtherOS and had backwards compatible hardware. It got a lot cheaper when they ripped features out of hardware *and* software. I won't give Sony any more money.

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